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£40,000 boost for chemotherapy services from Cleator Moor family

Joanne Mahone

Chemotherapy services at Whitehaven’s West Cumberland Hospital have been given a £40,000 boost from a Cleator Moor family.

The money was donated by Martin Mahone as a thank you for the care given to his wife Joanne, who died aged 46 in 2019.

Martin said that he wanted to raise money in Joanne’s memory to help others in the local area.

He said: “Twenty months ago I lost my beloved wife Joanne to a very rare sarcoma cancer after she was diagnosed two years ago.

“Family, friends and our incredible community committed to raising funds in the hope that we could find treatment to save her.

“Tragically, Jo’s cancer was so aggressive that within four months she passed away.

“We all agreed the money raised should go to charities close to our hearts, and be retained in our local community who raised the bulk of the funds.

“Thank you to everyone for their donations and support.”

Dawn Sanderson, ward manager of the Henderson Suite where chemotherapy is provided, said all the staff were grateful for the amazing sum.

She said: “This is such a generous gift to be given from the Mahone family and we are all so grateful that Martin and his family decided to donate such a staggering amount to the Henderson Suite.

“We are currently planning how we will use the donation to benefit our patients. There is no doubt it will have a big impact on our department and we cannot thank Martin and his family enough.”

The total amount raised in Joanne’s memory was a huge £80,000 with the money being split between the Henderson Suite and Hospice at Home who helped Joanne and her family during her treatment.