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Northern launches search for families of those named on the Lancashire and Yorkshire carriage and wagon First World War memorial

Northern is searching for the relatives of soldiers whose names appear on a long-lost war memorial which is soon to be re-housed at Newton Heath train maintenance depot.

More than 60 years after the memorial was moved from the site on Dean Lane, it is set to be returned, having been lovingly restored.

Now Northern is searching for families of those on the memorial ahead of a special unveiling ceremony at the depot on Friday 28 June.

The event will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles – which brought an end to the First World War – and will give all the chance to see the loving restoration carried out by A G Podmore and Sons of York and funded by the Railway Heritage Trust.

At the outbreak of war, in 1914, the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway company had a 37,000 strong workforce. More than 10,000 volunteered for the armed services, with 1,422 losing their lives.

As happened all over Europe, when peace finally came, and the soldiers returned to work, the Lancashire and Yorkshire’s carriage and wagon department created a war memorial, immortalising their 117 fallen comrades, as well as recording the names of all those in the department who served.

The memorial was moved from Newton Heath Carriage Works when it closed and was taken to Newton Heath Town Hall where it stayed until the building was demolished.

Many years later, parts of the memorial were found in the undercroft of Manchester Piccadilly and were subsequently held by East Lancashire Railway for safekeeping.

Chris Jackson, Regional Director at Northern, said: “Now, as a mark of respect to those from the railway family who served in the Great War, the memorial is back where it belongs at Newton Heath.

“We would be delighted to welcome the families of those on the memorial to attend the special event at the end of June and are calling on anyone with information to get in touch.”

You can pass on any details by emailing [email protected], by calling 0800 200 6060 or via social media at Facebook (/northernassist) or Twitter (@northern_pr).

The details of the 116 railway workers who made the supreme sacrifice during the First World War are as follows:

Station Name Rank Unit
Bolton Stockham D “D S M” Plymouth R Marines
Bradford Fuller W D 3rd West Yorks
Bradford Gledhill H 18th West Yorks
Bradford Stansfield J 6th West Yorks
Colne Seward F S Royal Fleet Res
Colne West J 11th Lan Fus
Dewsbury Junc Armitage H 4th Royal Welsh Fus
Dewsbury Junc Rayner L 1/4th KOYLI
Dewsbury Junc Richardson W 1/4th KOYLI
Dewsbury Junc Senior E 2/6 West Yorks
Fazakerley Greaves T 7th King’s L’pool
Fazakerley Haskayne A Sergt 11th King’s L’pool
Fazakerley Turner G R Sergt 3rd King’s L’pool
Fazakerley Walton J A L/Cpl 12th King’s L’pool
Goole Caunce H
Goole James H RFA C/232 Brig
Irlams-o-th’-Height Ashworth J Sergt 2nd York
Liverpool Classon J 2nd King’s RR
Liverpool Cooper J RHA
Liverpool Mudd A 13th King’s L’pool
Liverpool Trafford J 3rd Worcester
Lostock Hall Whitman E T 1st Loyal North Lan
Newton Heath Aldershaw W King’s Own RL
Newton Heath Barnes ET 4th King’s L’pool
Newton Heath Bass a 2/8th West Yorks
Newton Heath Black T “M M” Act 2nd Cpl RE
Newton Heath Bluck W RASC
Newton Heath Boardman T 1st King’s L’pool
Newton Heath Bryans W Sergt 13th King’s L’pool
Newton Heath Carruthers C W Cpl 8th East Lan
Newton Heath Cartledge E Sergt 9th Loyal North Lan
Newton Heath Catherall A “M M” Cpl 1st King’s L’pool
Newton Heath Courtney J 11th East Lan
Newton Heath Davies W 9th Royal Brig
Newton Heath Dean W N Royal Marines
Newton Heath Dearden H 7th Kings RR
Newton Heath Dixon P 12th Manch
Newton Heath Edge W A 1st Cheshire
Newton Heath Faram C 2nd Manch
Newton Heath Fletcher E “M M” Cpl Wheeler RFA C/210 Brig
Newton Heath Fogarty D 21st Manch
Newton Heath Foxall A 6th Lan Fus
Newton Heath Gilday J W 1st Manch
Newton Heath Graves F King’s Own RL
Newton Heath Harling J 7th Manch
Newton Heath Higgins C 6th South Lan
Newton Heath Hilton W 3rd Manch
Newton Heath Holland J W 2nd Scot Rif
Newton Heath Hutchinson A Royal IR
Newton Heath Jacques G 7th Manch
Newton Heath Jones S A 7th Loyal North Lan
Newton Heath Lee J W 6th Scot Bor
Newton Heath Leech G 1st Lan Fus
Newton Heath McMellan F L/Cpl 10th Sea High
Newton Heath Moscrop J A RE
Newton Heath Newman G 2nd East Lan
Newton Heath Parry E 2/6th Lan Fus
Newton Heath Howard J H 4th Res South Lan
Newton Heath Pegg J East Lan
Newton Heath Richardson A H 2/7th Manch
Newton Heath Robinson G 2nd Manch
Newton Heath Schofield A R 11th King’s RR
Newton Heath Sleigh L HMS Defence
Newton Heath Taylor A King’s L’pool
Newton Heath Taylor J 8th Lan Fus
Newton Heath Taylor J W 7th East Lan
Newton Heath Thorpe M RGA 133rd Batt
Newton Heath Tyrer H L/Cpl 6th Border
Newton Heath Warner GE RE
Newton Heath Waterhouse L L/Cpl 12th Manch
Newton Heath Waud H F 2nd Lieut Durham LI
Newton Heath Whiteside H Stf Sergt King’s Own RL
Newton Heath Wilson J 2/5th Royal War
Newton Heath Wilson J 11th Lan Fus
Newton Heath Wood A Loyal North Lan
Newton Heath Woollen J A 2nd Lieut 3rd Manch
Newton Heath Worthington CP 8th Manch
Newton Heath Wright WF RE
North Docks Hurst R L/Cpl RE
Oldham Road Broadbent E 7th King’s Own SB
Oldham Road Chorlton WH 8th King’s Own SB
Oldham Road Ellis P 2/4th Loyal North Lan
Oldham Road Hopkins A Act Sergt 8th King’s Own RL
Oldham Road Rimmer J 6th Loyal North Lan
Preston Barnish W 4th Loyal North Lan
Preston Hindle R 3/4th Loyal North Lan
Red Bank Beech J W L/Cpl 1st Cheshire
Red Bank Birtles H 21st Manch
Red Bank Bradley W L/Cpl 1/7th Lan Fus
Red Bank Davies J 8th Rifle Brig
Red Bank Fisher W RAMC
Red Bank Gartside A Cpl 3rd Lan Fus
Red Bank Jones A 21st Manch
Red Bank Kerrigan J 3rd Manch
Red Bank Leary J RE
Red Bank Nevin L Royal Marines
Red Bank Whalen J RE
Red Bank Whitehead A 13th Manch
Salford Grange H 18th Manch
Salford Latham T 9th Loyal North Lan
Sandhills Denton W 20th King’s L’pool
Southport Aughton J 6th Royal I
Southport Marsden T L/Cpl 17th King’s L’pool
Southport Rimmer W E 2nd Middlesex
Sowerby Bridge Greenwood D 2/4th West Yorks
Victoria Ashworth S 2nd Manch
Victoria Ball D 8th Manch
Victoria Bloor S 1/5th Manch
Victoria Ellis J 1/4th King’s Own RL
Victoria Gregory W 2nd Manch
Victoria Jackson T 20th Manch
Victoria White G W Sergt 6th Manch
Wakefield Jewson F L/Cpl 4th London
Wigan Baldwin J RE
Wyre Dock Tonkin A 2/4th DCLI
Victoria Ruler J W 8th Manch

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