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Lazonby Swimming Pool first to provide SKWIM sessions

Come SKWIM at Lazonby Pool!

SKWIM is a brand new, fun, fast-paced surface water-disk sport that is easy to learn and play. People of all ages and swimming ability can get in the water.

The game is played with a soft foam disk that skims across the surface of the water. Team members, sling the disk to one another and can score by skimming the disk into their opponent’s floating goal.

Many who have tried SKWIM for the first time have arrived at similar conclusions as one participant exclaimed “it was pretty hard-core, but amazing”.

Lazonby Pool is the first swimming pool to host an introduction to the sport within the UK. People from far and wide have participated in the demonstration and played several competitive games under the watchful eye of Instructor, Luke Brown.

The sport was invented and developed in the United States of America. SKWIM is a non-contact, fast-paced aquatic sport played with a foam disk that skims across the water.

Luke said: “This is something you can sling around the pool and feel comfortable. You are not going to hurt anybody. The disk is soft, safe and sails smoothly on the water.

“It’s a team game, it’s a combination of water polo and Ultimate Frisbee but easier with a soft, flexible disc and welcoming to people of any age.”

Mum, Sarah Henderson, said: “It was really good fun and not just for kids; it was great to play as a family.”

Her daughters – Rosa thought, “it was much funnier that I thought it would be” and Penny claimed that “a day without skwim is a day without sunshine!”

Skwim is one of a range of water sports available at Lazonby Pool, including Water Polo, Bridge & Raft Building and Rookie Lifeguard courses.

Come play SKWIM Thursday 8th, 15th & 22nd August – 7-8pm, £5 per session.

Contact: [email protected] for details of all activities.

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