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Alfie Boe to perform at Songs for Stan

Alfie Boe

Carlisle has united as a community, to help finance treatment for a two-year-old boy, Stan, to send him to Singapore for life-saving treatment.

With over £300,000 raised so far, by Carlisle and Cumbria, several of the local entertainment industry have joined forces and organised a virtual  concert for Stan, on Saturday 11 July from 7.30pm.

Andrew Robley

Glenn Anderson, one of the organisers said “We are thrilled with the support from the music industry and are delighted to have confirmation from Alfie Boe and Andrew Robbley, who will be performing too.

“This news is absolutely amazing, it will be a fantastic show. The concert will be a chance for people to enjoy live stream performances, but also to raise awareness that our music industry has truly suffered during covid-19, and we are here, and can’t wait until we can perform again”.

There will be a showcase of local artists including; Lisa Glendining, Jemma Bell, Miss Pearl, High Dynamics, Mandi Leanord, Courtney O’Neil, Sh boom! (Ian Binstead and Mark Graham), Liam Moorhouse and Stevie D.

There will be some support messages from some amazing artists, including Stavros Flatly!

Clockwise: Christopher Malone, Sh Boom, Jon Robyns, Liam Moorhouse, Stevie D and Collabro

Other acts so far include: Jenny Ball, Sarah O’Conner, Lizzie Bea, Blake Patrick Moore, Christopher Maloney, John Robyns, and Collabro. With new performances confirmed by Andrew Robbley and Alfie Boe.

Liam Moorhouse, one of the organisers and performers, is delighted to be returning to his roots of musical theatre for the Songs for Stanley concert. “It’s been a while since I’ve done musical theatre so preparing songs has been challenging but fun! I really hope large amounts of money can be raised and that we can all help Stanley.”

If you would like to donate, head to Facebook and #SaveOurStan or use the following link:

Songs for Stan: Saturday 11 July, 7.30pm, livestream via Face book and Save our Stan Page:

The YouTube link will be released on the Save our Stan Facebook page nearer the time.

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