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Girls Cricket Hub Launches in Cumbria

The Marylebone Cricket Club Foundation (MCCF) was created with the aim of enhancing lives through cricket, and an MCCF Girls Hub is launching at St Benedict’s Catholic High School, Whitehaven in 2021.

Their mission is to open up access to the talent pathways, so that every young cricketer has the opportunity to reach their full potential in the game, regardless of race, gender, or economic circumstance and they run a network of Cricket Hubs that provide free-to-access training and match play to 2,500 state-educated young cricketers at over 60 sites across the UK.

The Hubs focus on talent: helping promising youngsters who have been engaged through mass participation activities or non-traditional formats to join cricket clubs, develop their hard-ball skills, and access the formal talent pathways.

The programme at St Benedict’s School kicks off in February, with a taster session in January, and is completely free to attend for girls aged 11-15 who attend a state school. They are also accepting girls who are age 10 but turning age 11 in 2021. Those taking part will be given 10 weeks of high-quality intensive cricket coaching during the winter and match play and talent ID opportunities over the summer cricket season, along with strength and conditioning training.

Cumbria Cricket’s Girls Talent Lead, Liz Priddle said: “This is very exciting for Cumbrian Cricket and a much needed opportunity to level the playing field in terms of the development of our female talent.

“Young cricketers who have attended previous MCCF Hubs have said that it was an amazing experience, where they have felt inspired and supported. It’s also a chance to meet other girls in Cumbria who are passionate about the sport.

“The programme creates more opportunities for girls to play cricket, improves their skills and confidence and fuels their interest in playing the game, which is so important. I highly recommend the programme and want to encourage any girls in Cumbria who are interested in cricket to take part.”

Any young people wishing to attend need to register HERE by 5th January 2021.

For more info email Elizabeth Priddle – [email protected]